Men’s Twilight League

Scramble format on May 24 th and September 13th only. Play with your team as a foursome. The team must use each player’s drive at least once. All may hit every shot after the drive. Low score and all ties earn 3 points. Next lowest score and all ties earn 2 points. Third lowest score and all ties earn 1 point. Meal (included) will follow. No points will be given for results of the September 13th scramble, other prizes will be awarded to those winners.

Weekly league format: The game is 9-hole match play. The table above shows the match schedule for each team by week. Your match is against the team member within your flight i.e A’s play A’s, B’s play B’s and so on. Please join another twosome for the sake of time. Contact your weekly opponent to arrange an approximate time to meet on Tuesday between 4 and 6 pm. Subs are your responsibility. A no-show results in 1 point to the player who shows and -1 for the player who no-shows.

Start your match by determining the stroke differential; half the difference between handicaps. Half-shots are played as follows: should the player who receives the half stroke on a hole tie that hole on gross that player wins the hole.
1 point for winning your match. Losing player receives 0 points
1/2 points for both players if the match is halved.
1 points to a player that shows and -1 points their opponent that no-shows
Your points earned will be added to your team’s total. The team with the most points after 13 weeks wins

Men’s Twilight League

Josh Magnan Shawn Violette Jeremy Parker Len Crouse
Paul Magnan Ben Wall Bob Rousse Scott Norway
Jordan Villa Michael Poulin Shawn Macauley Gary Laperle
Chris Magnan Dick Kemp Frank Gattone Manny Villa
Keith Robinson Mike Lajeunesse Rick Gray Charlie Norway
Don Murray Marty Oconnor David Gold Larry Mandell
Scott Fitzgerald Jeff Norway Robert Pierce Steve Morris
Roland Bellavance Andre Montour David Tucker Wayne Hamilton

Twilight League Schedule 16 Weeks – 8 Teams

BACK 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
FRONT 1-3 2-4 5-7 6-8
FRONT 1-4 2-6 3-7 5-8
BACK 1-5 2-3 4-8 6-7
FRONT 1-6 2-5 3-7 4-8
BACK 1-7 2-8 3-5 4-6
FRONT 1-8 2-7 3-6 4-5
BACK 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
FRONT 1-3 2-4 5-7 6-8
BACK 1-8 2-6 3-7 4-5
FRONT 1-5 6-3 4-8 2-7
BACK 1-7 2-5 3-8 4-6
FRONT 1-4 2-3 8-5 7-6
BACK 1-6 4-7 3-5 8-2