Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the complex process of managing CCB’s physical plant and golf course
operations. Potential directors generally step forward each fall to announce their interest in one of 12
positions on the Board. Directors are elected for 3-year terms, which are staggered to ensure continuity
of experience and smooth operation. Elections to fill open positions are held at the Annual Meeting on
the fourth Monday of September. All directors are paying members of the Club who serve as unpaid
volunteers. Most have regular jobs apart from their Board responsibilities, though some have retired
from full-time careers.

Directors are not motivated to serve for personal gain: there is no glory associated with the work they
do, very little recognition, and certainly no financial rewards. Some are relatively new to CCB, while
others have connections that go back decades or even generations. What they share in common is a
passion for golf, a deep appreciation for this beautiful and lovingly-tended piece of real estate, and a
sense of being part of a special golfing community. They all want to grow the game, especially among
youth and women, and to keep CCB vibrant and strong for future generations to enjoy.

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The Board meets on the third Monday each month and all CCB members are welcome to attend. Please contact us in advance using the form below if you are interested in attending.

Executive Committee
President – Jordan Villa
Vice President – Josh Magnan
Secretary – Jeff Dukette
Treasurer – Tom Collins

Finance Committee
Tom Collins – Chair
Cam Arnold
Jordan Villa

Greens Committee
Eric Lajeunesse – Chair
Bill Evans – Course Superintendent
Josh Magnan
Ryan Knapp
Greg MacDonald
Tom Collins

House Committee
Devin Smith – Chair
Cam Arnold
Eric Lajeunesse

Tournament Committee
Kent Bigglestone – Chair
Jeff Dukette
Devin Smith

Membership/Marketing Committee
Ryan Knapp – Chair
Cathy Systo
Jeff Dukette
Kent Bigglestone

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